About me

I love building successful, scalable, go-to market sales strategies and executing them.

Over the past 12 years, I have worked with various early and mid-stage clean technology companies. I have been involved with companies developing technologies including: vertical wind turbines, rechargeable consumer batteries, solar inverters, turnkey residential energy storage systems, and various unique power control and conversion platforms for next generation power distribution networks. Presently, I am assisting with building the market for home battery storage systems in North America and the Caribbean.

During my mid- to late-teenage years, my interest for renewable energy and clean technologies began on the basic foundation that it makes the most sense to utilize technologies to become more efficient as a society, and reduce costs and emissions. I quickly began to invest in clean technology companies, building a network of contacts, increasing my knowledge base, and becoming involved within the local community. After studying at both a college and university level, I decided to commit my career to developing the renewable energy and clean technology markets in North America. Looking back over the past decade, it is clear that I was a disruptor for the companies and industries with which I aligned myself. Over time, my roles varied from sales and marketing, business development, and public to investor relations. I also continue to support the local communities by providing educational sessions on renewable energy and clean technologies.

Investment Thesis

After investing in small cap and penny stocks for over a decade and a half, my attention and efforts dramatically shifted to a long-term, strategic dividend investing approach. Today, my interest is with very mature companies who pay consistently growing dividends and could appreciate over time. My approach is to invest for income and reinvest for more income all backed with the luxury of time. Over the most recent years, I moved to publishing articles on my core areas of expertise and have been able to build a portfolio of material.

Today, I remain dedicated to educating the youth on the benefits of becoming long-term, strategic dividend investors. My intention is to publish a book in 2018 titled, “The Dividend Game”, which will be aimed at arming the youth with the necessary knowledge to build wealth through income investing over time.

In June 2014, I was engaged by Larry MacDonald of Canada’s Globe and Mail to publish an interview on my investment strategy. My strategy and advice has remained firm and unchanged over the years:

“For a young investor, it is extremely important to buy and accumulate … a solid portfolio of dividend-paying stocks.”