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Thermal Energy International – Turning Up The Heat On Energy Savings


  • My position on what will continue to drive growth in 2017 for this energy efficiency play.
  • Review of the companies recent financial releases, backorder and sales contracts.
  • A compelling, proven product line offering institutional, commercial and industrial clients energy savings.

As global energy cost continue to rise, energy users such as mid to large scale industrial and institutional facilities continue to seek out opportunities which will allow for the reduction in energy consumption. Energy efficiency not only reduces the amount of electrons consumed but also directly reduces carbon emissions. As an investor it is important to identify key global macro level patterns to understand where money will flow in the years ahead which now include energy efficiency, as it is the lowest cost of energy optimization and savings. Ottawa based, Thermal Energy International (OTC:TMGEF) is a unique product and sales organization who is poised to take advantage of the upcoming investment wave in energy efficiency technologies.

My recommendation to investors who have a level of appetite for speculation is buy and hold shares in Thermal Energy. It is my position that Thermal is a speculative investment with potentially high levels of return should the company continue to execute on its current backorder while further illustrating its ability to harvest new partners and build out additional sites with existing customers. Further, Thermal Energy will give investors exposure to the growing level of momentum in the energy efficiency business.

The company is positioned to give investors exposure to the emerging energy efficiency business with a portfolio of proven products that directly reduce fuel consumption for a variety of energy intense end users. Further, the global sales organization is already generating a significant amount of revenue on different continents with a solid backlog and does not require any additional funding to grow the business. Thermal Energy offers investors a proven product offering with compelling cost savings of one to three years, strong FY2016 revenues and strong backorder for the balance of FY2017. Further, the company already boast a confidential list of Fortune 500 companies as customers and a growing list of institutional and government organizations.

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