Lithium – the next fuel:

Power Up With Shares In Orocobre – Buy Recommendation Reiterated


  • Olaroz continues to generate significant cash with an outlined expansion plan.
  • Lithium Carbonate prices remain exceptionally strong; growth drivers stronger than ever.
  • Buy shares in Orocobre as stock is significantly off 52week high.

Over the past 4 years, one of my efforts has been on educating the investment community on the importance of the lithium production market. In fact, my first publication with Seeking Alpha in 2013 was on Argentina’s emerging lithium market (see: Argentina – Home to Emerging Lithium Producers). Since then, I have narrowed down my focus on Australia based, Orocobre Limited (OTCPK:OROCF) which has successfully brought to market the Olaroz project in conjunction with project partner, Toyota Tsusho (OTC:TYHOF) (OTC:TYHOY). Olaroz is the first “greenfield” lithium brine project to commence production in several decades). Today, in light of a recent pullback in Orocobre’s share price, I am reiterating a strong buy recommendation with further accumulation on additional share price volatility.

Rapid Uptake in Lithium Products:

Today, lithium-based batteries are now in demand more so than ever due to a growing number of product applications and an increase in battery consumption per application. The commercial foundation of lithium batteries began in the early 1990’s when Sony released its lineup of handheld video recorders. Since then, the mobile phone revolution changed the dynamics for the lithium battery space which was further propelled in more recent years by the widespread adoption of various other consumer handheld devices including: tablet PCs., laptops, power tools, and smartphones. Another notable trend within the space has been the shift towards Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) integration of lithium batteries. It is now common to purchase digital cameras and computer accessories which already have lithium batteries integrated as it allows for various design, safety and cost advantages to OEMs while improving the consumer experience.

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